Pool Cover


Nevada Plus pool cover

Modern, minimal style, heightened, angular pool cover with sliding door. Only with solid, clean polycarbonate glazing. Can be with 1 sided rail, until 5m width.

Solid polycarbonate glazing

This type is available only with solid, clean polycarbonate glazing. This occurs from the product’s shape, beause the multiwall polycarbonate is too rigid for sheet bending and edges shaping.

The waterclear, solid glazing let you an easy trasparency into the poolside, and give a simple, modern impact to the pool cover.



Modern, raised, angular pool cover, with 4mm solid, clear polycarbonate glazing. Our patent-protected profiles have rounded edges and corner points in case to avoid accidents. Height changes between 0,6 – 1 m, depending on width.


Continuous stormprotection system, with loackable sliding door on side or opening door on the biggest segment. safe locking device what is easy to handle and is made inside the profile. Comfortably walkable, rounded, super flat(13 mm), anodized rail system.


Chrome steel rustless screws, not visible from outside, hidden system. Very solid plastic wheel, double rustless ball-bearing what protects against dust and water.


One sided rail. More sliding or opening door, ledge turn-up on front wall or on end wall, high, glazed turn-up on front wall. Child protection segment locking system, custom segmentation, arc height increase, aluminium frame structure in custom RAL colors, engine operated movement.

Why do we recommend?

Protects your children and pets

Reduces the maintenance costs

Keeps your pool clean

Makes the pool season longer