Our pool covers can extend your bathing season, even by months!

Lockable covers for the safety of your children and your pets!

Enjoy your pool! Spend less time with pool maintenance!

Decrease the expense for the pool heating with preventing the evaporation!


Choose from the wide range of our Exclusive products and enjoy the exquisite advantages of this type of covers. These covers are produced by personalized details and also can be asked by custom number of segments.

The colour of the stable frame structure can be chosen by you. Our modern style covers are available only with safe and rounded corners and edges. To make it safer, our Exclusive pool covers are purchasable with a bonus lockable door!

To make the using easier, few types are available even with 1 sided rail system. The frontwall and endwall of almost every Exclusive covers are easily detachable. Custom accessories, doors and ventilation turn-ups can be ordered to the frontwall and endwall.


This kind of covers are giving you a SMART solution. They are available with 25cm steps in size, which makes the producing time and takeover time faster. Our SMART pool covers are applicable in alu elox colour.

During the producing period, we are using that type of polycarbonate and aluminium profile as materials, which leaves a smaller ecological footprint, what makes the final price even better and it doesn’t affect its’ stability. As every other types, the SMART products also have snow-and wind load guarantee, appropriate to the Austrian and German standards. The fully lockable cover guarantees safety, so the whole pool cover can be locked without extra charge. Our SMART products are purchasable with superslim rail design.

The segment positioner is placed inside the rail, that’s how it is comfortable and walkable by barefoot. Our SMART covers are from that most popular products from our product range, Arizona and Kalifornia.

About us

A group of dedicated specialists in a happy, familiar environment are producing premium quality and safe pool covers, building a company what focuses on modern and innovative technology.

Measure on location

In case of an order, the cost of measuring will be deducted from the final price.

3D planning

Can’t you imagine how your cover will look like? With the help of our 3D planning program, we can show you!

Quick produce

After your order, in 4 weeks you can have your pool cover! Our in stock products can be at you in no more than 2 weeks.

Environmentally friendly solutions

Our polycarbonate and aluminium materials are 100% recyclable. We are trying to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible.